How to write a three level outline

Talk to the class about your book by saying a little about the author, explain who the characters are and explain enough about the beginning of the story so that everyone will understand what they are about to read. Make a balsa wood carving of a character or animal from the story.

Retell the story to a younger grade. If something different had happened then, how would it have affected the outcome. Pretend that you can spend a day with one of the characters. So you want to be an author. Write a paragraph telling about the title. The reader wants to scan the chapters for the summary not read all the details of the book.

Decimal outline[ edit ] The decimal outline format has the advantage of showing how every item at every level relates to the whole, as shown in the following sample outline: For fun, exaggerate either characteristics or events and write a tabloid-style news story related to your book. Regardless your personal writing method, be sure to cover these bases: Instead, they look like notes.

Speech Preparation #3: Don’t Skip the Speech Outline

Gather a collection of objects described in the book. Make a list of character traits each person has. Write the plot of the story as if it were a story on the evening news Make a gravestone for one of the characters.

Make a poster to advertise the book. Create cutout sketches of each character in your novel. Your brilliant essay outline template will be wasted if your logic is shaky. Read more on the following topics: At one time their names provoked zero response.

How to Write an Outline

Draw a portrait to accompany each description. Write a description of one of the main characters. When sequencing your outline points, try to avoid random order.

Tell what your role is in the book and how you relate to the other character you have made. Include an editorial and a collection of ads that would be pertinent to the story. Your outline should reflect your speaking elements which the slides complement. Design costumes for dolls and dress them as characters from the book.

The granularity of your outline should be roughly one outline point per minute of speaking time, perhaps less for lengthy presentations. Broadcast a book review over the schools PA system. Write an obituary for one of the characters. Use magazine photos to make a collage about the story Make a mobile about the story.

If the story of your book takes place in another country, prepare a travel brochure using pictures you have found or drawn.

Make a mini-book about the story. Write the first paragraph or two for a sequel. Do the previous activity, but find a buddy to help you. Include all main points. Writing is a complex subject to teach, so the teacher is equipped with detailed lesson plans, grading specifics and other teaching tools for home and co-op settings.

Is there one that you wish had been handled differently?. Writing Essays by Eleanor Wakefield There are several vital elements to any successful college essay.

This handout will define those elements and show you how to put them together using an outline. Following this format will help you keep your thoughts organized and get your essay underway.

How to Write an Outline

Elements of an Essay Introduction. Gun control is a very fertile topic. You can write all sorts of gun control essays and other academic papers. Here is how to do it right. An essay outline will help you organize your main ideas and determine the order in which you are going to write about them.

Writing an outline is a very effective way to think through how you will organize and present the information in your essay. Writing it down: I’ve received a lot of mail over the years that amounts to “OK, but how do I do it?” This page, adapted from the first chapter of Advanced Language Construction, is an attempt to answer that question, as well as similar questions like “How do I know when I’m done?” and “Is it weird enough?” And don’t miss the section on how to gloss.

©, Leslie Ellen Shear 6. Don't worry about perfection. I will carefully edit your rough draft. Err on the side of including more, rather than less, information. Level 3: Essay Writing - Suggested Ages: Essay Writing teaches how to write college level essays.

It is designed for the home schooled high school student to satisfy high school English requirements. Essay Writing can be started in 9th grade, though most students begin at 10th or 11th grade.

How to write a three level outline
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