Reverse outline

Here is an example of a reverse outline: King walk — several successive movements of the king, usually in the endgame to get it from a safe square where it was hiding during the middlegame to a more active position.

Then list these points, paragraph by paragraph, on another piece of paper. The most popular style for competitive play is the Staunton chess setnamed after Howard Staunton.

Apple devices 1 appeal to our sense of individuality and 2 appeal to our need to connect to people and world Paragraph does: Very happy customers right here. Chess notation — system of recording chess moves. We are happy to have been able to help you have the means to refurbish a home that obviously means very much to your family.

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Chess pieces — two armies of 16 chess pieces, one army white, the other black. For further levels, the order is started over again. The Terms of Use explains the specific permissions granted. The reason is to lose a tempo and put the opponent in zugzwang. Compensation — having positional advantages in spite of material disadvantages.

If your reverse outline shows two paragraphs that make similar points, consider combining them or revising one so that it does not make too similar a point.

An example of a reverse outline For example: Number your list for ease of reference. Also, pawns are subject to the en passant and promotion movement rules see below.

The loan officer was nice, and I thought that he really kept us going. A reverse outline is a helpful editing tool that highlights problem areas in organization, thesis support, and flow of the paper.

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A reverse outline serves as an effective starting point for the. Reference Map. Click on this map to mark the points of an outline. Click on Close Outline or End Outline to finish the current outline. Then click on the map again to start an additional outline.

A Reverse Outline can help you see your draft from a new perspective by focusing only on the main points and moves of each paragraph.

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Open the most recent draft of your writing. PRACTICAL EXAM OUTLINE. The following sections describe the specific tasks you will be performing when taking the Practical Examination.

It is important that you understand these instructions. A reverse outline is exactly like an outline you would do for your paper during drafting, except it’s performed with a complete draft.

While outlining before a first draft can help you organize ideas, sometimes things change as you write them. A reverse outline can help you improve the structure and organization of your already-written draft, letting you see where support is missing for a specific point or where ideas don’t quite connect on the page as clearly as you wanted them to.

Reverse outline
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Reverse Outlining - Helping Writers Become Authors